Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm just going to give a little bit more of an intro, focusing more on myself. :)

So I was born up North, about five or six hours away from the border to Canada, and around five, I moved to South Texas, not too far from the border to Mexico...

In elementary I had quite a few friends, just like everyone does in elementary ha ha, but I moved to a new school a while after my parents got divorced (My dad didn't want to live anywhere near my mom), and I had to start all over. I had one friend who lived a block away from my mom's house, but he soon moved to NYC, so I decided it was time to make new friends. It went pretty easily since it was a pretty small school, and I met everyone in my class (There was only one fifth grade class). My best friends were a set of twins, Mark and John, but right after I was through with fifth grade, I moved to yet another school, in a smaller town. In sixth grade, I didn't know what to do, because I had to choose an Elective, so my dad chose for me, I got signed up for choir. I had pretty much given up on making friend by this point, and secluded myself to playing video games and singing in choir. The choir helped me make friends, and pretty soon I started loving it. Although I never got popular in the school, I did have fun, and I loved all of my teachers.
PE was pretty brutal for me in that school, mainly because I was pretty chubby, and afraid to change out like the other kids, so people poked fun at me when I had to because they knew it. One kid decided to take it upon himself to punch me in the balls every day, even after I told him to stop...
Eighth grade was a lot better (other than the fact that I still only had around five friends), and since I didn't have to take a PE class, I was an office aide. Some kids called me gay on a regular basis, and since this was before I even thought I was, I got pissed, and got in trouble for telling them to shut the hell up a couple of times. Luckily, the teachers only verbally reprimanded me, and I never got in serious trouble for it. All of that was started by one ginger named James.
I moved back up to my home town after eighth grade, and boy was I a loner! At lunch I would sit in the class room of a teacher that I knew only through a club, and eat my lunch in complete silence away from the few other kids that went into the room. I was still in choir, and my choir teacher apparently liked me, because he put me in the special freshman group for State. It was huge, but I still was happy to be included. Ha ha. I had made on friend, who I won't name, but I will call him "CJ". Or rather CJ forced me to be his friend. Ha ha, I never really spoke, but he just came up to me in this freshman group thing that we did, and started talking to me. Even when I thought the conversations were dead, he would find a way to bring them back to life! I guess that is just who he is though, lol. We ended up having PE together, and we had a joke where I would call him my scape goat whenever I messed up in games or whatever, and he would just say "What?! YOU ARE A GOAT?!" I know, it is stupid, but it got me to open up a little bit. After I was done with my freshman year, I looked back and was happy, because I had made a few more friends.
Sophomore year I had CJ in only one class, Biology, and almost none of my other friends were in any of my classes. I got into the advanced choir, mainly because I was a guy and my choir teacher needed guys to balance out the girls, but then I auditioned for the best choir in the school, and to my surprise, I got it! Only me and one other sophomore had made it, and no freshmen because the choir teacher didn't allow freshmen to join. I made friends with a few seniors and juniors, but I never really spoke to people in my own grade... CJ and I still talked in Bio, and I had succesfully made some other friends. I finally admitted to myself that I was gay (I thought I might be in my freshman year) but I never told anyone.
Junior year wasn't all that eventful, just made some more friends, and became less of an outcast. :) It was great.

As for Senior year, I'll just make a different post, starting with the summer before, and ending with graduation! :D

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