Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi, for a while now, I have been pretty stressed, and haven't been able to talk about it to almost anyone. The big stressor is the fact that... Well... I'm gay, and in the closet. Because of that, I am going to keep my name out of the picture.

When I say that I am in the closet, it is ALMOST true, I know two people in real life that know I am gay, and I am in the process of trying to come out to others, but that is just adding stress.

So I guess I will talk about the two people who do know, and why I can't just talk to them all the time about everything, again keeping names out of the picture so they don't get mad that I was talking about them (This way I get to say more!)

The first to know I had any interest in men was a guy who was my friend last summer, that I started messing around with. We went almost all the way, but stopped just before my dick's head got into his ass... Turns out I DO have the ability to make guys cry! (If they are just as virgin as I am :P)
But yeah, I got too emotionally attached, wanted him to admit he was into guys to himself, and messed up our friendship around New Years. Just recently, I told him I was gay, which he just told me "Good for you". So yeah, that is the story of that guy.

The next is of my best friend, who didn't know I was into guys before him, but did know I was gay before him. I met her around the same time as him (Last summer). We went to a movie, and then started hanging out, and kicked it off really well. After a while, I decided that I wanted to come out to her (Mainly because she was a new friend, and I honestly didn't care too much at the time if she stayed my friend). I gave her a few hints, and she got it really fast. I was really surprised, and rather than being shocked, she just said "Damn it, why are all the good guys gay?" I laughed, and reassured her that I wasn't a good guy. :) Then we became better friends. Hence she is my best friend.

I can't talk to either of them about stuff though, because he doesn't talk to me about anything anymore (Although when I came out to him, he did tell me that he was bi, but that was it), and she gets way too excited, which just embarrasses me, and I get uncomfortable talking to her about guys and problems I have...

Anyway, that is a little bit of an intro, it is really long, and I am going to bed. I'll write more later. Peace!

(To my few followers, lol)

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